Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rescuing Rover Volunteer Recruitment

To view LARGER pictures of our Volunteer Recruitment Campaign, please click on picture above and then select "All sizes" and select the size you want.

The Campaign was a great success. Here are some of the pictures taken at the event. One of our Pet Partners is Cody & Company. Many thanks for helping us during the event.

We had loads of people that requested information to volunteer. We are very proud. We also adopted Ernest to a great home.

Our Perfect Petzzz Adoption Center was a great success--It was such a great attraction. Lots of kids wanted to touch the pets and convince their moms to take them home! ( Perfect Petzzz are stuffed dogs & cats that actually breathe--very lifelike--they come with rabies tag, collar, adoption certificate, bed, brush and carrier) We adopted out 4 of our "alternative pets" to some great homes.

Donations were very much appreciated. Thank you to all. To see other Perfect Petzzz available, click on picture.

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